The Popularity Behind the oneplus nord 2


The brand new product by the smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus Nord, is the Oxygen Plus Black. This phone from Oppo comes with a sleek body and a beautiful screen. If you wish to have a high quality smartphone at an affordable price, then this is the right choice for you. The device has been introduced only recently but already it is becoming one of the hottest products from Oppo. The Oppo Plus comes with a nice combination of features and uses. oneplus nord 2

The Oppo Plus Black is a mid-sized smartphone that has got a long battery life. It offers a remarkable value for money and a sleek and stylish design. The smartphone has come with a 16 Megapixels touch screen that looks stunning. With a 2.5 Megapixels camera, you can take excellent images even if you do not have the best camera skills.

The main camera of the Oppo Nordic 2 comes with an eight mega pixel camera. The secondary camera comes with an 8 mega pixel camera as well. There are many other sensors available with the handset including but not limited to: Ocular Sensor, proximity sensor, capacitive light sensor, magnetometer, gyroscope, thermometer etc. The Nokia E71 sensor is integrated into the rear camera of the Nokia Eoons which can be a nice addition if you use the rear cameras often.

Apart from all these, the smartphone has got a fast charging power bank which can charge up your battery very quickly. This means that you can enjoy more than two hours of talk time on one battery of the Nokia E71 before it gets completely empty. This kind of fast charging is something that most people who own the handset will be happy to know about.

With the Nokia E71 you get a nice compact phone that packs a lot of power in a small body. You get a five mega pixel camera with a f/2.0 lens along with the Nokia E71’s dual flash system for both the camera and the main sensor. The main sensor is used to take the images while the other camera can be used for video recording. The handset is powered by a quad core 1 Ghz processor. Other than this, the handset also features a generous amount of memory that comes with it so that you do not face any problem when trying to upload some great content onto your social networking sites or other websites.

As with any other OxygenOS smartphone, the OnePlus Nordic 2 comes with all the standard features. You have access to the inbuilt browser, the MMS and OTT apps, the control center, the dialer, the email client and the text service. There are also a couple of unique additions like the sport and music apps, a weather widget and a couple of features which we will discuss later on in this article. In the camera department, you get an eight megapixel digital camera with optical zoom, an intuitive interface, a self-timer and a manual mode. Apart from this, there are also a pair of front facing cameras that are just as impressive as the rear cameras. These rear cameras have been praised by reviewers as excellent as they help you capture higher quality shots.

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